Baby Robins

A few weeks ago I discovered a Robin’s nest in my back yard.  Luckily for me, the nest was situated in a place that allowed me to take some photos with a long lens from inside my house.  

I was so fascinated with nature unfolding in my backyard that I watched and photographed the process on almost a daily basis.

 Here are the eggs a few days before they hatched




I was careful to keep my distance when I took this shot of the nestlings.  Their eyes wen’t open yet.







The baby robins grew quickly and the parents fed them constantly





 One by one they all started to spread their wings and left the nest.






The robin family still lives in my yard.  The mother is constructing another nest in a tree in front of my house.   The location is not ideal for photography, but I will see what I can do.



10 thoughts on “Baby Robins

  1. The Bride and I have been following a pair of Tree Swallows at a local lake. Since the tree stumps they call home are in the middle of a small lake inlet one thing is clear: I will not be able to see the inward workings of a nestling, from egg to flight, like yours. Yet one thing is certain it is very cool none the less!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great series and captures! I watch & photograph Osprey on a daily basis and thrive on the entertainment they give me. Hubby says I’m always happy watching & photographing the birds! And when I’m happy, he’s happy! LOL Enjoy the fun and keep sharing, we love it!

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