Mysterious Insect

I’m posting in hopes that someone can identify the insect in this photo. I took this picture as I was entering a mall in my neighborhood a few days ago.

I was startled when I saw this bug on the front door because it was over 2 inches long and appeared to be able to bit or sting. In spite of the “danger” the photographer in me took over and I grabbed a few shots with my iPhone.


I guess I got too close because after I took this photograph it immediately flew away. After waving my arms wildly in self defense, I looked around to see where it had gone, but it was nowhere in sight.

I continued into the mall and thought that this was the end of my encounter with the mysterious insect.

Fifteen minutes later while I was talking to a clerk he pointed and asked “is that huge thing on your shoulder real!”

This big bug had been calmly sitting on my shoulder as I walked through the mall.

I was able to brush it away and it flew up into a light fixture.

I’m still amazed that I wasn’t stung or bitten.

If you know what type of insect this is and if it does in fact sting, please leave a comment.

I’m curios to know if I was ever in any danger.


16 thoughts on “Mysterious Insect

  1. I’m not sure but it looks like a type of wasp, and if it is, you were only in danger if you’re allergic to them

  2. I can’t believe it was riding around on your shoulder (shudder). It sounds like you got this one identified. But I’ll mention in passing that by setting up a free account at, you can upload photos of bugs and request an identification. It’s like crowd-sourcing. If I’m going to post a photo of a bug, I like to say what it is, and the people at this site are a big help. The last one I had identied was an “assassin’s bug nymph.” I didn’t even know such a thing existed.

  3. Wow! The bug sure looks mean. I can’t imagine it was on your shoulder that whole time. I would have been scared out of my wits when I found it sitting there!

    I’m new to your blog; just stopping through. I’ve bookmarked your address, so I’ll be back soon!

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