Mr. Bill

Mr Bills Resturant is a Southern New Jersey landmark known for its large portions and delicious desserts.  It is also famous for the 12 foot tall statue of Mr. Bill that looks a lot like Alfred E Newman. 

 I have passed it many times on my way to Atlantic City, but have never stopped.

 Mr Bill

Yesterday I decided to pull over and take take a photo.  I have never eaten at Mr Bills, but I heard the food is very good.  If  any of my fellow bloggers have, please leave a comment.


23 thoughts on “Mr. Bill

  1. Funny thing … lived in New Jersey most of my life, passed this place more times than I can count, but never ate there. LOL! Haven’t been down that way in several years, but seeing this brought back a lot of fond memories. Thanks. 😀

  2. I’ve never eaten at Bills… I’m an Aussie who hasn’t been to NJ yet…:D .. but
    We have a ‘Gold panning man’ who looks very similar to Bill!!!
    Might have to stop and take a pic one day on my way past.

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