Sailboats at Dusk

The Cooper River Yacht Club, located in Collingswood, NJ, was founded 67 years ago by a group of sailors.

The club members learn to sail and engage in competitive racing events.

Sailboats at Dusk on Cooper River

I took this photo of 2 CRYC members as the sun was setting. I was lucky enough to capture the Philadelphia skyline in the background.

The racing season for the club starts next month and I will be sure to go back to get some action shots.


29 thoughts on “Sailboats at Dusk

  1. Wonderful timing and the sky is just beautiful around the skyline. 🙂 We powerboat & see a lot of sailboat action on the Miles River, St Michaels, MD, just 20 mins from us where they too have regattas and races often. And there’s a kids sailing summer camp, it’s fun capturing their faces and reactions while they seriously work their sail and manuveur around the bigger boats. Looking forward to seeing your action shots when you make it back!

  2. John, thanks for sharing this amazing photograph. It portrays, in my mind, serenity and surrealism. The photograph is a real treat.

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