iSplash Flowers

I like to photograph flowers of all kinds.  The colors are usually what entice me to take the pictures, but in some cases it is the flower’s unusual shape.

I liked the striking shape of this first flower.  I encountered it at a local arboretum as I was photographing some other items.  This single flower was alone among many green leaves.  I do not know what type of flower this is (Maybe someone can tell me) but I fell in love with it visually almost immediately.  


Because of the uniqueness of the flower I wanted to present it a little differently.  I decided to use iSplash, a Mac application that allowed me to covert the photo to black and white and then selectively add color back in.


I used iSplash on this tulip also because I liked the isolation that the application provided. 

Hopefully someone will be able to identify the first flower for me.  I would like to find more to photograph.


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