The Scenic Route Home

Over the Weekend I decided that as I ran my usual errands I would take the scenic route out and back.

This was a stop and smell the roses type tactic and I was not sure if anything would come of it.

My first few errands were uneventful, but on the way back from picking up some take out food, I decided to stop in a small park with a pond. I did not stay long, but I was able to capture these shots.

Later in the day, within a mile of my house, continuing on the scenic route, I saw a farm with some sheep. I have lived in the same area for over 20 years and had no idea that a sheep farm existed.

I stopped the car and grabbed this shot.

I will take the scenic route more often…who knows what I might find next.


6 thoughts on “The Scenic Route Home

  1. I get your posts in my email and when I opened this, the very first photo that loaded was the last one. I literally LOL’d when I saw it. I’ve had such a bad week (last week) and that was the best laugh I’ve had in a while lol

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