Spring is Here

As soon as Spring arrives I know it’s time to go out and take some seasonal photos. I love to photograph flowers and usually venture out with a camera as soon as they start to bloom.

This year Spring seems to have arrived early in New Jersey, so I grabbed my D90, put on a fast Sigma wide angle lens and headed down to a few of my favorite spots. I decided to stick with a theme of close-up blooms using bokeh (blurred) backgrounds. I hoped to find some early blooming Spring perennial flowers. I did not find many flowers growing yet, but I encountered several colorful trees with lovely flowering buds on their branches.

This tree looked and smelled like Spring! I was able to get up close and take shots from different angles. I decided to post this photo because I really liked the colorful petals and it fit my theme for the day.

I liked the color in the center of this flower also. It was so delicate that some of neighboring blooms had started to wilt already. I found one that seemed perfect and composed this shot.

I saw this tree as I was entering a Starbucks to write this post. It seemed to be a worthy addition and reminded me that you really do have to stop and smell the roses.

I plan to choose another theme and go out again in a week or so. Hopefully I will find the Spring perennials that I was looking for today. I will compose the best shots I can with whatever I find and post them here.

Thanks for visiting, please let me know if Spring has arrived where you live.


42 thoughts on “Spring is Here

    • Thanks for the nice comment. I think they are all Cherry Blossoms, but I’m not 100% sure. Your posts are fantastic. I love the underwater and Snow Canyon photos! I will follow to see what you post next.

  1. These are stunning. Where do you live in New Jersey (if you don’t mind me asking?) I grew up in Nutley and my husband in Belleville (both only minutes from Newark). We live in New York now, buy we still have a Pharmacy in Belleville. 😀

  2. Breathtaking shots of spring. We had some here in Montreal and the last few days feels like winter is trying to come back. Fingers crossed though

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