Macro Photography

One area of photography that I really like is Macro. Technically, Macro Photography means to reproduce an image that is equal or larger than life size. This is can be very interesting and exciting with small objects found in nature, but the possibilities are really endless.

I captured the picture below using my new Nikon 40mm Macro lens. Can you guess what it is?


13 thoughts on “Macro Photography

    • Thanks Aaron for the kind words about my photo. I took this shot using my Nikon D90 Camera with a Nikon 40mm 2.8 lens.

      I mounted the camera on a tripod a few feet away from my kitchen sink. With a SB-800 speed-light, a 200 shutter speed setting and a little luck I was able to capture this photo.

      The picture is actually of a single drop of water from the faucet before if made contact with a Rubbermaid food container lid.

      Thanks again for the comment and happy shooting!

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